What We Do

Local Government Focus

We provide service exclusively to local government agencies. We do not engage with private waste collection or landfill companies as clients. We serve only local jurisdictions to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

When we sit down at the negotiating table, we always sit on the side of local government. This policy is in alignment with our mission:

To work with municipal managers to maximize the value of the solid waste services delivered to their ratepayers.

All Types of Service Arrangements

Our clients include cities, counties, and special districts with a variety of service arrangements. These service arrangements may include public or private service, exclusive or non-exclusive service, or some combination of these.

For example, our clients include jurisdictions that own and operate a full-service landfill and collection operation (e.g., Lompoc and Santa Maria, California). Our clients also include jurisdictions served by private haulers with exclusive service (e.g., a single hauler for the entire City) as well as jurisdictions with non-exclusive service (e.g., several private haulers that compete for customers in the same market).

Spectrum of Integrated Waste Management

Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of integrated waste management; from collection, transfer, processing, transformation, to landfill operations.

Expertise in Financial, Economic, and Public Policy Analysis

The services we offer are focused finance, economics, and public policy related to solid waste management. We take pride in the fact that other well-known consulting firms often invite us to team on projects to perform highly specific tasks within our area of expertise.

Services Offered

We provide the following types of services: